A Traveler's Guide To Historic California

What others are saying about A Traveler’s Guide to Historic California, published September 9, 2000 in celebration of the state’s sesquicentennial:

“Wow, what a book! . . . It’s a beautiful book and the work involved boggles my mind.”

 Charlene M. Perry, Martinez, California historian

“Outstanding!  To a history buff like myself, this book is invaluable.  While traveling through our state, I can plan on visiting and learning more about the historical importance of these dedicated plaques and monuments.  Once again, the Brethren of E Clampus Vitus say SATISFACTORY!!”

 Gene Brown, Bishop, California

“We were pleased to find the Tulare Historical Museum highlighted, together with many of Tulare’s famous points of interest—all with the names spelled correctly!”

 Ellen Gorelick, Director-Curator, Tulare Historical Museum, Tulare, California

“It is arranged very well, and I also appreciate the back section with the list of governors, the bios on important California pioneers and the chronologies associated with them.”

 Thomas G. Barry, retired teacher, Wilton, California

“As I live in Placer County, I always look there first to check for any inaccuracies.  There were none.  I like the maps used for each county.  They are very easy to read and accurate.  I also enjoyed the section on ‘An Introduction to California History,’ something most travel guides to historic sites do not have.”

 Sandra J. Elder, retired, State of California Office of Historic Preservation

"I am particularly happy that you included the English translation for our many Spanish names.  Very important for the visitor . . . I did not realize there were that many plaques.  I have been taking the book with me every time I visit locally and have had so much fun just here in the Bay Area.  Your contribution is extraordinary."

Anna S. Gaumer, retired teacher, San Pablo, California

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