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Photo Feature of the Month - September

Borax Visitor Center

Borax Vistor Center

The 20-mule teams that hauled borax across the southern California desert were actually 18 mules and two horses.  One team pulled two 7,800-pound borax hauling wagons and a 1,200-gallon water tank wagon.
    You'll learn more at the Borax Visitor Center between Mojave and Barstow on Highway 58 at Boron.
    At the conclusion of a 17-minute film highlighting the variety of uses of the white powder deposited in the remains of former lakebeds, drapes at the rear of the auditorium open, and the audience files to the panoramic windows to look down on the open-pit mining in progress.
    The excavation pit, a result of more than 30 years of mining, measures one mile wide, one-and-a-half miles long and 2,000 feet deep.

Borax Visitor Center

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